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Legal and Compliance Reviews

Disclosure materials, internal governance documents, and compliance manuals are central to an investor’s relationship with the fund and the fund’s management. We offer a comprehensive review of these key documents by an experienced attorney so you can be sure of their contents.

During the recent financial crisis, many hedge fund investors were surprised by the effect of important governing provisions in the operative documents of the funds in which they were invested. While much of a fund’s offering and internal governance documents is likely to be more or less standardized, there is still plenty of room for creativity in drafting. Whether it is in relation to fee structures, liquidity terms, internal controls, valuation of illiquid investments, trading controls, or business continuity planning, it pays to know what you can expect from a fund and its management.

Our strategic alliance with the Investment Law Group of Gillett, Mottern & Walker, LLP, a boutique law firm specializing in alternative investment management law, provides our clients with access to a team of hedge fund attorneys with experience working at some of the nation’s most respected and recognizable law firms. The expertise of our relationship professionals in regard to private placement memoranda, limited partnership agreements, operating agreements, side letters, and compliance documents is your advantage when you engage us to review a fund’s key documents as part of your investment decision process.

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