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Background Checks

Investing in hedge funds and other alternative investment vehicles means giving a great deal of discretion over your capital to an outside manager. We offer in-depth background checks, reviewed by trained professionals, so that you can be confident in the management of the funds to which you commit capital.

An important part of any due diligence process is determining exactly who is managing the fund and what kind of character these executives have. Typical criminal background checks will only give you so much information, and are not likely to address important information such as past industry misconduct, current regulatory registrations, service provider verifications, credentials authentication, employment and educational history, or other corporate transactions which may raise red flags.

360° Diligence performs extensive background checks as part of our comprehensive due diligence program. This service is also available as a stand-alone product so that investors can truly know that the professionals in question are accurately portraying their experience, character, and capabilities.  Our background check service is also relevant for investment in projects and other private vehicles.

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